About Us

Our management team brings over 90 years of manufacturing industry knowledge and experience as your outsourcing service. Metal Solutions is committed to providing our customers with the ultimate in quality, integrity and value.

Time-tested operating and inspection methods and procedures are utilized, along with an honest, upright work ethic, in accomplishing our goal to provide the higest-quality product and customer service.

The standards of excellence we have set for ourselves will never be compromised .... as these are the very principles upon which great companies are built.

Many OEMs outsource parts and subassemblies. It makes sense to subcontract certain operations that you cannot perform as efficiently in-house. Outsourcing can save time, money, and a lot of headaches. But, outsourcing can create a new set of problems – especially if you need multiple vendors to complete a single part. It can happen.

One supplier machines the part. Another welds it. Someone else heat-treats it. Then it’s on to the finishing house for painting or plating. Finally it arrives at its final destination for assembly, packaging, and shipping. The logistics alone can be frightening. Every time your part changes hands, there is the opportunity for errors and delays.

Metal Solutions is your one source outsource alternative to multi-vendor outsourcing.