Capabilities and Services

Design Assistance

At Metal Solutions, we believe in “design for manufacturability.” Our goal is to assist customers by reviewing their prints to develop the most cost-effective product designs.We use our manufacturing knowledge to produce parts easier and less expensively.

Metal Solutions can read virtually all CAD files in order to convert drawings to machine language. This assures the accuracy of data for computer-aided machining.


High-pressure, through-tool coolant and chip-blasting technologies enhance our productivity while reducing production costs. In addition, we offer a wide range of turning, milling, cutting, and tapping capabilities.

Metal Solutions has state-of-the-art CNC machining and turning centers equipped to efficiently mill and turn complex surfaces and shapes. Automated tool-changing and pallet-loading capabilities maximize productivity while providing consistent, high-quality products.


We also partner with several finishing shops that provide plating, powder-coating, heat-treating, polishing, and grinding capabilities. We thoroughly inspect all finished products to assure that they meet our high-quality standards.


Metal Solutions has long-standing relationships with a number of leading metal-fabricating companies. Because of our volume of work, we receive preferential treatment with our fabrication partners. They provide a wide range of precision laser, water-jet, and plasma cutting as well as shearing, tube bending, arc welding, and related fabrication processes. All work is carefully inspected to meet our high-quality standards.


Our in-house assembly team puts it all together. Metal Solutions is able to stage simple and complex assemblies in order to deliver high-quality finished goods on time.

Packaging & Shipping

We provide complete packaging and shipping capabilities in order to assure that your products arrive clean and damage-free. We accept responsibility for the entire manufacturing process, so you can be assured that the products you outsource to Metal Solutions will be right.